Our Story

Bob has a few big loves in life;  ice cold beer, big burgers, vintage signs, cool cars and hot rods. When Bob's peckish an ice cold beer and a good burger always hits the spot.  When Bob's at work designing signs he's always on the lookout for old, rare and special signs. And when Bob's not working you might just find him out cruising in his award winning lime green 1936 Ford coupe,  just one of a number of cars that Bob owns.

Bob also happens to be a big dreamer and in the movies big dreamers always head to the USA. So it was on a trip to the USA in 2011 while enjoying a cold beer and a burger in a bar crammed full of vintage signs and other collectables the idea was seeded. Right there and then Bob was inspired to share his love of signs and hip cars and open his own “man cave” back in Melbourne.

On Bob's return to Melbourne there were a few small details that had to be finalised. Whilst Bob knew he could find the right venue, complete a fabulous fit out with his original collection of vintage signs and cool the beer, he was no chef. He needed help to make the best burgers in town. Busting to get started he phoned his mate Michael Hoyle, known for his expertise in the hospitality industry. As they say the rest is history. Mike guided and supported Bob to help him achieve his goal, the opening of Fat Bob's Bar & Grill.

Mosey on down for one of Fat Bob's very special burgers. You never know, you might get to meet Bob or his wife Deb. And if you're very lucky you may even get a peek at one of Bob's cool cars parked out the front.

That’s me - Bob - proudly holding up my big, round sign.

I’m a beer lover, burger lover and long time collector of vintage signs.  Our story so far is brief and it began on a trip to the US not too long ago.

And so the idea of Fat Bob’s was born. 

A little over eighteen months later following lots of advice and lots of hard work we opened the doors to Fat Bob’s.

Today very ably assisted by my wife Deb and our fabulous team headed up by our kitchen manager Michael and venue manager Annette, Fat Bob’s is a thriving burger restaurant.

We invite you to come on in and try one of our award winning burgers. We’d love to meet you.