Beer and Cider Menu

Lager / Pilsener

- aromatic, clean, crisp and fresh
Anchor Steam Beer 8
Bad Shepherd The Californian Lager 8
Brooklyn Brewery American Lager 10
Budvar Budejovicky Lager (500ml) 12
Kronenbourg 1664 (500ml) 13
Moondog Love Tap Lager 8
Negra Mondelo 8
Samual Adams 8
Stone & Wood Lager 8
Temple Brewing Powerstance Pilsener 8

Pale / Golden Ale

- smooth, malty with moderate hop bitterness
4 Pines Pale Ale 8
Barrow Boys Pedlars Ale 8
Boatrocker Pale Ale 8
Bridge Road Beechworth Pale Ale 8
Bridge Road Celtic Ale 8
Hawthorn Brewing Golden Ale 8
Hargreaves Hill Golden Ale 8
Holgate Mt Macedon Pale Ale 8
Mountain Goat Organic Steam Ale 8
Mountain Goat Summer Ale 8
Pirate Life Pale Ale 8
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 8
Stone & Wood Pacific Ale 8

India Pale Ale

- citrus aromas with full hoppy bitterness
Feral Hop Hog 9.5
Fixation IPA 8
Pirate Life Session IPA 8
Wolf of the Willows XPA 8


Flying Brick Original Apple
Zesty apple with a hint of sweetness
Napoleone Pear Cider
Rich textural pear flavour
Cheeky Rascal
Strawberry & pear cider

Beer On Tap - Thunder Road

Please check with your server for the beers on tap
Pot (285ml) 5.5
Pint (550ml) 10
Jug (1140ml) 19

Thunder Road Double Fermentation Series

Pilsener ••• bright, noble hops, sunshine 8
Golden ••• golden, tutti fruity, smooth 8
Pacific Ale ••• blonde, passionfruit, zesty 8

Wheat / White Beer

- aromatic, spicy, yeasty and citrus flavours
Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen Germany (500ml) 13
Hoegaarden Witbier (Belgium) 8
Two Birds Taco 8
Blue Moon 8
Wolf of the Willows India Saison 8

Dark Ales

- malty, hints of caramel, chocolate and coffee undertones
White Rabbit Dark Ale (Healesville) 8
Red Hill Scotch Ale 9.5


Carlton 5.5
Corona 7
Peroni Red 8
Cascade Premium Light 5.5


Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer 8
Wilide Pale Ale (gluten free) 9.5

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